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FRFR Speaker Cabs

Trailblazing Atomic Amplification technologyby Gene Baker Flat response, full frequency aka FRFR isn’t necessarily new technology for speaker cabs, as recording reference speakers and PA speakers have always focused on delivering flat response, full frequency sound from 20 hertz to 20 kilahertz without the speakers coloring or enhancing the … [Read more...]

Disturbing the Peace

Part 2: In-ear monitoring considerations and tipsby Gene Baker, editor, Music Insider MagazineThe journey into using in-ear monitors is anything but simple, raises controversy and requires techniques to work effectively. Over the past few months since I wrote “Disturbing the Peace” Part 1, I have had some time to get used to the benefits of … [Read more...]

Disturbing the Peace

The quest for hearing preservationby Gene Baker, editor, Music Insider MagazineOver a year ago, my band MGB (Mean Gene Band) directly routed everything to our PA system to avoid neighbor or family disturbance. These noiseless rehearsals benefited us by being able to leave practice with our ears intact. Another plus: It also helped us learn … [Read more...]