Devil Gone Public on Fearful Symmetry and Beyond

by Daniel Gonzalez Devil Gone Public has their sights aimed high on the heavy metal scene. Fresh off the release of their new EP Fearful Symmetry, the band is already itching to get back into the studio and record new music. Lead singer Garrett Moore discusses inspirations on Fearful Symmetry and future plans. Fearful Symmetry is available now on … [Read more...]

The GRAMMYs John Poppo

From ‘Piano Man’ to Chair of the Board John Poppo grew up in Long Island, N.Y., and even as a very young man, he had a plan for his life. As a promising young musician, he had decided that he was going to be the next Billy Joel or Elton John. At least, that was what he told his father one day, his life’s goal as a budding singer, songwriter and … [Read more...]

Home Music Studios

One important consideration When preparing to build a home music studio, you need to determine the best equipment to purchase — a computer, a digital audio work station (DAW), which is your recording software, an audio interface or sound board, studio monitors and other equipment such as microphones, headphones and audio cables. There are plenty … [Read more...]

San Jose’s RockBar Theater defines the Rock Star Treatment

Northern California has always had a rich and diverse musical history. The likes of Santana, Journey, Ronnie Montrose, Night Ranger, Chris Isaak, Bonnie Raitt, Jefferson Airplane/Starship, Pablo Cruise, Primus, Third Eye Blind, Eddie Money, Y&T, Green Day, Sly & The Family Stone, The Doobie Brothers, Smash Mouth, and MC Hammer to name a … [Read more...]

The Art of Buying Talent

As beautiful as The RockBar Theater in San Jose is, without someone to bring the right talent to the stage, Bay Area music lovers may not ever see the inside.  So owner Susan Cramer brought in longtime talent buyer Jimmy Arceneaux.With well over two decades of experience in the business, Jimmy is now tasked with bringing in the talent and … [Read more...]

Copyright Law Primer, Part 3

The second ‘fair use’ factor Part 1 of Music Insider Magazine’s “Copyright Law Primer” gives a very general overview of “fair use,” a defense to copyright infringement, which alleged infringers of protected works may be able to assert under certain circumstances.Part 2 discusses the “purpose and character of the use,” which is one of the four … [Read more...]

2015 The Vans Warped Tour

Pop-punk’s traveling rock-n-roll circus brings organized chaos to the masses Kevin Lyman, of the event production company 4Fini Inc., created the Warped Tour in 1995 as a skate punk and third-wave ska tour. It has evolved to feature pop punk, metalcore, hardcore, street punk and many other diverse genres and is known to have been a career … [Read more...]

Do I Have to Pay Taxes on That?

Questions from the weekend warriors So you just finished a successful weekend, have $200 in your pocket, and away you go. The question pops into your head: Is this money taxable? I got it in cash. No one really knows about it …The answer is yes, it is reportable on your annual 1040 per Uncle Sam and his collection agency the Internal Revenue … [Read more...]

Aquiles Priester

Out on the road with the PsychoOctopus I was introduced to Priester’s playing a little over a year ago. As a drummer, I am amazed by his speed, level of skill and technique and have been a huge fan ever since. Wanting to learn more about one of my new musical inspirations, I had the honor and pleasure of chatting with Priester, while out on the … [Read more...]