TROY – The Reality Of Yourself

TROY is no Greek tragedy – they’re on a musical odyssey of their own.TROY is a Midwestern rock band that formed in the small town of Pleasant Hope, Missouri in 2004, and has played with some of today’s top hard rock and metal artists, such as KORN, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, Puddle of Mudd, Smile Empty Soul, Trapt, 12 Stones, … [Read more...]

30 Seconds to Seal the Deal

Three types of winning pitchesOne of the most important tools in your marketing kit is your 30-second pitch. By the time you finish a ride on an elevator, you should have sealed the deal. Here are three types of winning pitches and ways to woo potential fans, managers, agents, labels and other artists.1. The comparison pitchThis is the most … [Read more...]

Trade Dress

Product or packaging design protectionMost of you are familiar with standard trademark forms — namely, words, slogans and phrases, and logos. These typical forms of indicia help you (or any other consumer) separate different goods and services from the individuals and companies that offer them to you.However, trademarks can take less … [Read more...]

Hank Williams Jr.

A sound all his ownGrowing up as a kid you have your heroes — whether fictional or real — heroes nonetheless. One of my heroes has been a household name for decades and has created some of the greatest songs ever brought to the music world, in my opinion. Recently, I had the opportunity to ask Hank Williams Jr. a few questions.Bill Doty: … [Read more...]

Brand Basics

Avoiding the identity crisisRecently, I saw St. Vincent on “Saturday Night Live” and was captivated. During “Digital Witness,” the band was lit with a wash of deep purple and blue against a background grid, and the lead singer and keyboardist moved like futuristic mannequins — every head position, hand gesture and full body movement was … [Read more...]

Joe Bonsall

The long road from Philly to NashvilleIt all starts with a conversation. As a music journalist, it’s hard not to be star-struck over some of the people whom I’ve had conversations with — Toby Wright immediately comes to mind, because I admire his prolific and prodigious work in the field of rock-and-roll music production and engineering. Another … [Read more...]

Killing It with Kari Kimmel

How to market your music yourselfFans of movies and television may be familiar with the sound of Kari Kimmel’s voice. The songwriter and recording artist has contributed more than 250 songs for stories on the big and small screen including “Burn Notice,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “House,” “Private Practice,” “The Hills,” “The Office” and “The Walking … [Read more...]

Copyright Infringement

How to enforce your rightsLast month’s issue of Music Insider Magazine dealt with some of the differences between trademark law and copyright law, including the kinds of penalties that may come from infringement of either type of intellectual property.One additional facet that warrants explanation is the importance of choosing a method by … [Read more...]

POP EVIL’S Leigh Kakaty

Evil has never been so kindOn a brisk, late winter evening in the middle of February, I am driving along the winding Ozark mountain roads on my way to Springfield, Mo. to interview the singer of one of the hottest active rock bands around, Pop Evil. As I’m driving along these roads in a sort of Zen-like state of mind that long drives on pleasant … [Read more...]