Leon & The Peoples

‘Love Is A Beautiful Thing’ by Teri Doty, Music Insider Magazine Many people know Leon Robinson simply as “Leon,” the actor starring with Tom Cruise in “All the Right Moves,” a star in Madonna’s controversial “Like a Prayer” video and the lead actor in “Cool Runnings.” He also gave memorable performances as three legendary singers: David Ruffin … [Read more...]

Eric Johnson

Setting the Tone Eric Johnson has been called everything from a prodigy and perfectionist to the “King of Tone.” He’s played and recorded with some of the biggest names in popular music — Cat Stevens, Carole King, Steve Miller, Dweezil Zappa and Sonny Landreth, to name just a few. Coming from humble, middle-class beginnings in Austin, Texas, … [Read more...]

Joe Bonsall

The long road from Philly to Nashville It all starts with a conversation. As a music journalist, it’s hard not to be star-struck over some of the people whom I’ve had conversations with — Toby Wright immediately comes to mind, because I admire his prolific and prodigious work in the field of rock-and-roll music production and engineering. Another … [Read more...]

POP EVIL’S Leigh Kakaty

Evil has never been so kind On a brisk, late winter evening in the middle of February, I am driving along the winding Ozark mountain roads on my way to Springfield, Mo. to interview the singer of one of the hottest active rock bands around, Pop Evil. As I’m driving along these roads in a sort of Zen-like state of mind that long drives on pleasant … [Read more...]

Jeff Loomis

Conquering Dystopia by Brian McKinny Guitarist Jeff Loomis has an all-encompassing passion for sonic vibrations of all sorts and styles. At one moment, his playing style is as savage and brutally aggressive as an MG-42 machine gun. The next moment his style is melodic and soars with the ecstasy of a Germanic Valkyrie screeching out a high C in … [Read more...]

Rudolf Schenker

The Scorpions — Unplugged in Athens by Brian McKinny, senior editor, Music Insider Magazine Before Rudolf (Rudy) Schenker founded the Scorpions in 1965, he was 16 and just another teenager from Hildesheim, Germany with dreams of becoming a professional soccer player. Forced to choose between playing soccer and playing guitar, he decided … [Read more...]


Welcome to the Freakshow by Ray Rocha, editor, Music Insider Magazine Hailing from Sydney, Australia, The Lockhearts are currently knocking ’em dead at Ziggy Pop on Oxford Street, in Sydney every Tuesday Night. Their debut video “Welcome to our Freakshow,” is in heavy MTV rotation and is a free download on The Lockhearts website. The band is … [Read more...]

The Nerve of Glenn Proudfoot!

‘Audiodacity’ and ‘Aftershocks’ by Brian McKinny Many guitarists have attained legendary status throughout modern musical history. Some are gone forever but not forgotten — Jimi Hendrix, Danny Gatton, “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott, Duane Allman, Stevie Ray Vaughn. Thankfully, others are still with us — Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Steve Vai, … [Read more...]

Sponge’s Vinnie Dombroski

Detroit’s comeback kid plows ahead by Brian McKinny, senior editor Vinnie Dombroski is very important to the history of rock and roll in Detroit, Mich. As the front man of no less than three working bands — Sponge, Crud and the Orbitsuns — his vocal talents and force of personality seemingly know no bounds. Unlike the city from which he hails, … [Read more...]