Arcane Saints – In the Shade of the Juniper

Arcane Saints are one of the most exciting new rock bands to come out of Australia since Silver Chair, Electric Mary, Midnight Oil, and INXS. Their latest EP, “In the Shade of The Juniper” being released worldwide on March 21, 2015, continues the Aussie legacy of musically diverse, hard hitting rock and roll; a legacy that is safe in the hands of … [Read more...]

PreSonus Studio Live RM-series Mixers

by Gene BakerElectronic gear market technology seems to take off faster than consumers have time to absorb. Flash back to my article on PreSonus Studio Live mixers that embraced the first release of the Studio Live digital mixers. I had picked up a 24.4.2 mixer which handled larger gigs and a lot of home recording, while the 16.0.2 mixer was … [Read more...]

Gear Review: Cort Acoustic and Bass Guitars

by Bill Doty I recently had the opportunity to review an acoustic guitar and a bass guitar from Cort, and as a professional guitarist, I think they are both worthy instruments for several reasons. Cort Earth300V Acoustic GuitarThe Cort Earth300V has a solid Adirondack spruce top, mahogany back and Adirondack scalloped bracing. When I … [Read more...]

Radium Valley

Tales From the Apocalypse Radium Valley are a French industrial rock band that, with their latest album, “Tales from the Apocalypse,” has released what I am happy to call a very well-produced, interesting amalgam of songs that are not only intelligently written, but are quite melodic and original as well. From the opening notes of “Song of Rain,” … [Read more...]

FRFR Speaker Cabs

Trailblazing Atomic Amplification technology by Gene Baker Flat response, full frequency aka FRFR isn’t necessarily new technology for speaker cabs, as recording reference speakers and PA speakers have always focused on delivering flat response, full frequency sound from 20 hertz to 20 kilahertz without the speakers coloring or enhancing the … [Read more...]

Bells into Machines

Bells into Machines, an “industrial/electronic/rock alliance, is a collaboration between singer Chris Connelly and bassist/programmer Paul Barker (Ministry, Pigface, and several other Wax Trax! Records from the late 80s- early 90s), and they have been writing and recording new music together as Bells Into Machines, a project billed as an … [Read more...]

ToonTrack/EZ Drummer 2

NEWS FLASH! EZD2 makes drummers scared and recording gurus CHEER!EZdrummer is gaining a lot of attention with their recent release of EZdrummer 2. Many of today’s more popular drum machines to software utilize more actual sampled phrases and beats instead of the traditional drum note sampling. This allows for the average user to create more … [Read more...]

The Fractal Axe FX II XL

Unlocking Sonic Boundaries AND MORE The past year has been all about reducing size. I've been eliminating larger amplifiers and 4x12 cabs from weekly gigs while also striving to improve on tone delivery and flexibility in a smaller package.  The quest for the Holy Grail of Tone is never ending, some make it rather simple where others its a much … [Read more...]