The Last Year

Hailing from Baltimore, The Last Year is an alternative rock band. The act stems from an idea of front-girl Niki Barr, on vocals, and Scott Ensign, playing bass and synth. The pair, complemented by drummer, BJ Kerwin, and guitarist, Scott Griffith, approach their music with a kaleidoscopic attitude, embracing diverse influences and refusing to give … [Read more...]


“Sydney’s Jefferson deal in upbeat commercial pop/rock which, if they were American, would probably have seen them playing stadiums by now.” - Heather Fuhrer, DRUM Media Magazine. Jefferson are a four piece melodic rock-pop anthem band based in Sydney, Australia. They are often compared to bands who exhibit huge stadium-filling sounds such as U2, … [Read more...]


Ah the 80′s… a simpler time, when Spandex, Big Hair, Aquanet, Shredding Guitars, Thundering Drums and Shrieking Vocals ruled the airwaves. No auto-tune, musicians who actually sang, politically incorrect cartoons, the rise of video games, ET, Ghostbusters and Back to the Future. Will there ever be an era quite so rich in iconic pop culture? … [Read more...]

the animation – DANCE INTO THE UNKNOWN

You would have to name a few of the biggest British bands to describe the sound of The Animation and their grandiose guitar-driven rock. Radiohead and Coldplay are two references that usually come up. The music is grand, with a maintained dynamic and accompanying keyboard sound. A melancholic euphoria runs through the music. Some have said it is … [Read more...]


Band bio’s are fairly generic and quite insulting to the reader these days. “Gut busting rhythm sections” and “confessional, straight-from-the-diary lyrics” would mean more if they weren’t seen in every biography. So here’s the Cliff Notes: After a stellar SXSW showcase, Skittish was being courted by labels in 2011. After a love-triangle blow … [Read more...]

Echo Arcadia

Echo Arcadia make sweet music out of Edinburgh, Scotland. Their unusual mix of gritty rock backbeats, grumbling guitars and catchy pop melodies have gained them a growing fanbase. The seven members' eclectic influences marry to create a fresh alternative to the usual indie-pop/rock fare. The band consists of frontman and rhythm guitarist Leigh, … [Read more...]


The style of the band is metal. In both musical and visual stand point the band has nothing in common with the other bands in Bulgaria. Biography CRASHBRAKE is a Bulgarian metal band founded in January 2011 in Sofia. Description CRASHBRAKE is formed in the beginning of 2011. Drummer – Asen, Vance as vocalist, guitarist Alexander and … [Read more...]

The Gypsy Sons

THE GYPSY SONS are a hot, powerful, hard-working, rock n’ roll machine! With lyrics like “I never made it on my own and we'll never make it alone,” it is obvious from the jump that this band is all about inspiring and connecting with their audience. And their career is lifting off as well. They just inked a major label deal with Spectra Records who … [Read more...]

CANDLELIGHT RED Set To Release ‘Reclamation’

 Produced By Sevendust’s Morgan Rose, June 4 On Imagen Records April 22, 2013 -- CANDLELIGHT RED (@CandlelightRed)--Ryan Hoke (lead vocals), Jeremy Edge (guitars), Jamie Morral (bass) and Brian Dugan (drums)--is ready to reclaim their place in the Active Rock community with the release of their highly anticipated second album, RECLAMATION, … [Read more...]